Our History

In 2017, in response to the challenge launched by the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia on issues of affective sexual education, experts from 12 countries met at the Vatican for a two-day seminar to discuss the need to provide assistance to parents in the affective sexual formation of their children.
After this meeting, it was decided to create the goodlove Foundation, a global initiative that will help parents and educators in the sexual-affective formation of their children by providing them with the best possible resources and programs in each language and region.

Our Purposes

To advocate sexual-affective educational programs to parents and educators so they can help their children and young people to discover their vocation to love.

To promote worldwide sexual-affective resources aligned with and faithful to the Catholic Church Magisterium.

To facilitate economic sustainability for the goodlove Foundation, community, and other future initiatives of the Foundation.



 The goodlove Foundation Board is composed of associated individuals from around the world.

Founder Associates:

Marie Gabrielle Ménager, France

Stephen Colella, USA

Verónica Fernandez, Mexico

Carlos Beltramo, Argentina

Antonio Crespo, Spain

The goodlove Foundation has a chapter structure that allows it to fulfill its purpose in each of the different geography,


Kari Colella, USA

Edmund Adamus, UK

Leni Kesselstadt, Austria

Fr. Youssef Walid, Lebanon

Celia Cuevas, Spain

Our Roots

The goodlove Foundation only promotes worldwide sexual-affective formation programs and materials that are aligned with the Catholic Church Magisterium and that help young people to discover their authentic vocation to love.

"We hope that the Foundation can be a valid tool to help families in the Christian education of their children, in full respect of Christian anthropology and the teaching of the Church "

Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life. Vatican